Visvanathan Yoganathan
Visvanathan Yoganathan
J,P & S Services Ltd

Visvanathan Yoganathan, known as ‘Yogan’, first began working full time in the retail sector at the age of 18 in Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka. Despite studying for and aspiring to be a doctor one day, the circumstances at the time made this endeavour very difficult for him. He, therefore, leapfrogged with full determination into the world of retail. Energetic, optimistic and disciplined, Yogan and his cousin ran a wholesale convenience store for a few years but political instability within the country had led Yogan to move to the UK.

Upon arrival in the UK in 1980s, Yogan started working night shifts at a bakery in London. A couple of years later he then moved to the world of petrol stations as an opportunity arose. He worked, firstly, as a forecourt cleaner before becoming a sales assistant and then, in the years to come, as a manager and then area manager. It was in 1993 that he acquired his first forecourt.

With hard work, patience and care, Yogan has grown his business step by step from through the years. In 1999, just before the turn of the century, he had purchased his first freehold forecourt in Andover. In recent years, Yogan has undertaken several ‘knockdown rebuilds’ of forecourts for the first time in his career and when asked about the nature of his work, he himself says that “in business, you are learning every day”.

Business is never smooth sailing and despite the challenges that have come and gone throughout the years, he has remained positive and fully devoted to his family and business. The marriage between luck and hard work over the last 30+ years has allowed Yogan to grow his business, JP&S Servicess Ltd, to new heights. The portfolio today includes a number of directly owned and operated forecourts and one convenience store around London and the South-East. What has helped in making this possible is the focus on: stock availability, competitive fuel prices and shop cleanliness. Delivering a ‘quality’ service to customers is prioritised and Yogan has demonstrated this through continued reinvestment into the business.  Numerous redevelopment projects that have taken place across his portfolio of businesses.

Yogan truly loves his work and firmly believes that none of this would have been possible without the support of his loving family, in particular his wife, Jeya, and all of the incredible employees within the JP&S Services family business. As someone that believes in giving to those in need, from a young age Yogan has contributed to charitable causes, both, in the UK and abroad. This is something that he is grateful to be able to do more of as his business has developed over the years.

In the last 18 months, Yogan’s sons, Priyanth and Sukanth, have joined the family business after spending a number of years working in accounting and finance in London. The duty of taking care in one’s own work and the people around us is something that stands as the ethos throughout the JP&S business and team. Yogan remains positive for the future and grateful to everyone that has shared in this journey.